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March 31, 2017

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After 20 years in music, I finally did this...

October 4, 2019

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I'm the LifeWorship MD!

January 4, 2019

So, a really cool thing happened in October 2017 - I was honored to accept the position of Music Director at my church, Christian Life Center (Tinley Park)!   You need to understand how exciting this was for me!  Since we joined CLC in 2016, me and my wife have been floored and amazed at the worship team, LifeWorship, for many reasons.  However, the biggest thing is that LifeWorship is truly a FAMILY and, although they're all super gifted, endeavor to have a humble and loving attitude!  Really, no "diva" stuff going on with the singers and no "competition" with the band.  I was extremely honored to be asked to lead the band!  BUT.... the MOST exciting aspect is that my wife and I get to serve and worship TOGETHER, which we hadn't done on a worship team since leading children's worship years ago!


Although for a year and a half, I barely did any music production, God was faithful to provide this as an opportunity to still use my gift, and do it with people I love and admire so much.  It has not only been professionally enriching (tightened up on my Ableton Live chops), I've grown a lot spiritually under the leadership of our Worship / Campus Pastor, Jon Jones!  Wow.  A music department head that cares more about our spiritual growth than our skill.  I didn't know such a thing existed!!  LOL!  I've faced several things about myself, gone through a cleansing and healing process from old hurts, and recognized more of the value in the gifts God placed in me.  Plus, I've had a lot of FUN!  This is indeed a special group of people who I'm honored to serve with every Sunday.


And this BAND.... let me tell you!!!  What a talented, dedicated bunch of players!  Worship is LIT every week with these guys & gals!!!  And once again, NO EGOS!!!!  NO DIVAS OR DIVOS!  Just humble peeps who are excellent at what they do and love God.  


Check out a sample of the worship experiences below.  I'll be sharing more of my journey with LifeWorship fam in future blog posts!




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