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March 31, 2017

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October 4, 2019

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#ArtistsWhoShip: Stephen & Candy LaFlora

October 27, 2017


I love it when I get the opportunity to work with people I look up to!  I had that experience this past summer working with Stephen & Candy LaFlora on Candy's latest release, "Rejoice".  We spent a day in the studio, tracking drums, bass, keys and background vocals for 3 songs on the project: "Rejoice", "Love You Forever" and "In Jesus' Name"


What I enjoyed was watching a dynamic husband and wife team work together.  Stephen and the amazing Mike Manson prepped the tracks, and Candy was going through the lyrical arrangements.  Then, the track goes to the vamp of "Rejoice", and she's like, "Babe, I didn't know you were gonna go there!"  The vamp was different than she expected, so she quickly re-oriented her vocal arrangements to fit.  She was so cool about it!  I learned a lot watching them work together.  They really know each other; and it comes across in their music.


Another great observation... they really know how to walk in love!  The session had a lot of technical hiccups, and they never flew off the handle.  No attitudes and a ton of patience and kindness.  With a demanding schedule (they were in between traveling) and a tight deadline for release, they still demonstrated a high level of character while we fixed the technical issues.  They're the real deal!  I see why God trusts them with so much.


And evidence of that.... "Rejoice" is now on the ballot for a Grammy nomination!!!  This is well-deserved, and I believe they will use their expanded platform to further advance the Kingdom.  If you're a voting member of the Recording Academy, VOTE for Candy LaFlora's "Rejoice" for the Grammy nomination!  


Artists, let's learn from their example.  Walking in love, integrity and musical excellence pays off.  Congratulations and much respect to Stephen & Candy LaFlora, #ArtistsWhoShip.


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