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March 31, 2017

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October 4, 2019

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Happy Birthday to Me!

March 31, 2017

Today's my 36th Birthday!!!  Turn up, turn up!!!


I'm so thankful to see this day.  I'm thankful for the man God has made me to be so far.  I'm thankful for what He's making me to be.


Birthdays, anniversaries, and other milestones tend to cause me to "take inventory" of my life.  Where am I?  Where have I come from?  Where am I going?  As a creative, I'm definitely doing this kind of contemplation today.  Many creatives tend to throw in the towel if they haven't "blown up" (whatever that means) by 30.  For some reason, 30 years old is like a deadline.  We feel like, "If I haven't done ___ by 30.... oh no!"  This could be anything from signing a record deal, getting married or making your first million.  I had similar feelings around the 30-year mark.


But something else happens to some creatives over 30.... they make peace with imperfection.  They reckon with the idea that they haven't "blown up" yet, married, or whatever.  And at some point, they're really okay with it.  I actually think this is healthy on one hand, but can be dangerous on another hand.  It's great to be happy where you are... but it's dangerous to settle there.  At 36, I'm okay with the fact that my music hasn't been nationally recognized yet.  I've accepted that I'm not Rodney Jerkins, who was bangin' out hits at 17 years old.  BUT..... and a big BUT..... I am not satisfied to stay in a place of limited IMPACT.


Recognition is different than impact.  Industry recognition for sure is not the same as impact.  I can be pretty invisible to my industry, yet very impactful towards those in my sphere of influence.  I'm going for IMPACT.  Impact is how I've used my life and my gift to be a blessing to people around me.  How have I positively affected those around me, personally and musically?  That's something that you can't put an age limitation on.  Fame is optional.  Personally, I don't want to have security guards with me 24/7!  I'd rather be able to do my own shopping, and occasionally get stopped by someone who says "Man, I really appreciate how you've encouraged me!"


So, I'm still dreaming and pursuing God's purpose for my life.  In many ways, I still feel very "fresh" and "new" to this music thing.  Although I've been in music over 18 years, I feel that I've only extracted about 3% of my potential!  The possibilities of how God can use me to impact and serve people are endless at this point.


THANK YOU...... for reading what I write, listening to my music, working with me in the studio, hiring me to play live shows.... and for being a great encouragement in my life!  It all matters to me.  I'm ready to attack "Year 37" with zeal, intention and purpose.... let's go!

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