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March 31, 2017

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After 20 years in music, I finally did this...

October 4, 2019

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My wife and I were distracted, so we did this...

Nikeya and I began 2017 with firm intentions to SHIP.... release music, serve people and use our artistic gifts in a PUBLIC way.  But, just like any other creative, we got distracted.  Life events, crazy schedules and, now, a growing child, made it hard for us to accomplish any of the creative goals we set up at the beginning of the year.  Particularly, we dealt with an issue with a loved one that really got us off track.  We found ourselves talking about it a lot.... how much we were hurt, and how we needed to heal and recover.  


While it's good to deal with issues as they arise (instead of burying them), we noticed that during that time, our content production went waaaaay down!  Neither of us were writing blogs as frequently, doing photo shoots or creating new music.  We were just "keeping up" with present demands from clients and our jobs.  And, we weren't getting much sleep.


So, a few weeks into this "funk", we noticed the lag in productivity and my wife really emphasized to me that we need to create.  Even in the mess of tight schedules, we needed to MAKE the time to create content again.  If we couldn't be consistent in the midst of life challenges, God wouldn't be able to trust us with much at all.  It's a part of the game.  So, by God's grace, we began waking up early to do so.  


One of the things that came out of this was our cover of "You Make Me Brave", which we called the "1998 remix"!  It has a cool late 90's R&B vibe, and we really had to press just to get it out of us.  I stayed up until about 3am mixing the audio and putting together the video.  We got a great response - people really enjoyed it!  It was good to see people blessed and encouraged by something we "eeked out".


We've continued in the healing process from the issue we faced with our loved one.... and we noticed that God used us producing positive content as a part of that healing process.  Serving others can actually be a healing agent for the person serving.  We're not totally on track with our goals, but we're making great progress in that direction.  


What about you?  Have you ever let life distractions stop you from creating?  Leave a comment below, I'd love to hear your story and perspective!





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