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March 31, 2017

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After 20 years in music, I finally did this...

October 4, 2019

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#ArtistsWhoShip: Ashley Lauren

Ashley Lauren is the real deal y'all.... what more can I say!


As my adopted little musical sister, I'm constantly impressed, inspired and challenged by her artistic tenacity.  And she SHIPS LIKE A BOSS.... over and over again!


I met Ash around 2012 online through her ReverbNation page.  I saw potential in her music, which resembled a blend of Pop and Contemporary Christian music.  We call it "Inspirational Pop"!  Not long after that, we recorded the song "Warrior: Reloaded."  But she didn't stop there....


She shot a FULL MUSIC VIDEO for it, and started an energetic online campaign promoting the release of the single and video on Christmas Day!   Most people record songs and barely let their friends and family know it's available on iTunes.  


Ashley didn't stop there either.  The following year, she wanted to record an EP.  However, she was having some real challenges with her vocals, and I let her know that.  I recommended that she take her time and get her voice trained before she recorded again.  All in all, I didn't feel she was ready for it then.  So what did Ashley do?  SHE GOT A VOCAL TRAINER and worked HARD!  I was stunned at her vocal progress!  


Ashley came back around about another year later, after facing many personal and professional challenges, ready to record.  We set a budget for her EP.  We had musicians lined up to work on it.  Then, the money disappeared!  Whaaat?  Yup... things came up and dried up alot of the money allocated for the project.  Also, the musicians all dropped out for one reason or another.  BUT, we felt strongly that if we just finished the record with what we had, God would bless it.


A ridiculously talented young lady by the name of Fanteisha Bermudez popped up and agreed to play keys and guitar on the project!  Wow, what a pleasure!  We were back at it.  With a shoestring budget and a one-woman-band, we finished the Warrior: Rebirth EP.  Once again, released on Christmas Day!  Starting to notice a trend here?!?!


Well, Ashley Lauren had another project up her sleeve in 2016!  I get the annual call I look forward to, in November, to work on another EP to be released.... you guessed it.... on Christmas Day 2016!  Without hesitation, we hit the studio again to record the Heart of a Warrior EP.  This time, we were joined with the talented brothers Nicholas and Jonathan Basuel.  The song "Pierce the Dark" is a high energy pop rock tune testifying about God's light shining when times are dark.


The thing that impresses me the most about Ashley is her fearless consistency to use what God has given her to serve others.  She ships repeatedly.   And she works hard.  What if she would have quit when I told her she wasn't ready to record her full EP?  She went and addressed her vocal weaknesses, and came back strong.  I know alot of artists who have much more than she has... from money to developed talent.... and she's smoking them!  This is why she'll continue to be successful.... she keeps SHIPPING.  


Learn from Ashley.  Be like Ashley.  SHIP your music.  SALUTE to Ashley Lauren, an #ArtistWhoShips.


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