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March 31, 2017

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October 4, 2019

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The shocking reason my friend performed at the Grammys

February 17, 2017

















Earlier this week, my friend Nicole Erica performed at the 2017 Grammys with Chance the Rapper.  She opened up the breathtaking performance with a BOMB vocal performance, singing "How Great is Our God".  So, Nicole literally led the whole music industry in worship.


You likely haven't every heard of Nicole Erica.  Let me tell you about my friend.


She is an amazing vocalist from Chicago (among about 5 million others), who's a devoted wife and working mommy.  We go to the same church (Christian Life Center), where she sings on the worship team.


She doesn't do solos at church.  She isn't even on the "front line".


Nicole has yet to drop a single.  She barely eeked out a website a few months ago.  So WHY was SHE able to perform on the world's biggest stage this past weekend?


7 years ago, her baby was crying because they didn't have food for him.


Nicole's husband James suddenly got laid off a nice corporate job, and it was the start of a rough 7 year wilderness season for their family.  Things got so rough that they had to move in with family for a while.


All the time, they remained faithful serving at her church (at the time).


When their worship leader suddenly passed away in a tragic accident, she took over leading the worship team and choir for NO PAY.


Even when her whole family left the church, she was still there serving.


All the while, her relationship with God was growing... and even had its ups and downs.  God was building alot of spiritual maturity in her over those 7 years.  All behind the scenes.


 During this time, Nicole didn't have any "big breaks" or exposure for her singing.  She just sung at church faithfully.  Yet, her cousin Chance the Rapper got nominated for 7 Grammys (won 3), and decided to have her, out of all the famous singers he knows, perform at the Grammys with him.


It's not because Chance was her cousin..... God laid her on his heart.  Remember, he could have chosen anyone to sing with him.


The shocking reason my friend performed at the Grammys is that she was prepared and matured during a 7 year wilderness season, and now in 2017, God could trust her with such a huge opportunity.  She told me this was the first time she wasn't nervous when performing because she kept praying that people wouldn't see her, but that they would see God through her.  That's maturity.


So, keep being faithful where you're at in your artistic journey.  God knows where you are, and knows how to get you when you're ready for that huge opportunity.


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