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March 31, 2017

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October 4, 2019

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Why I want Todd Dulaney and Jamel Kimbrough to win a Grammy

February 3, 2017


The Grammy Award represents a certain level of status and influence in the music industry. When someone wins a Grammy, they get some sort of "official permission" to set trends, and new standards in their area of music. While I am still a rugged individualist (LOL), I see the value in winning a Grammy Award.


I met Todd Dulaney in 2012, when he was a guest artist at a Go Hard for Christ youth conference. He came to one of the team leader meetings, which was already rare for guest artists to do. The first time we really talked, it was because he was asking for prayer.  Wow! Todd was already a nationally known recording artist, but his first conversation with me with a prayer request.... very humble.  I knew right away that he was different from most gospel recording artists.


From there on, Todd worked very closely with us in the music ministry at Living Word Christian Center. I got to see this brother behind the scenes, and he was one of the most authentic people I had ever met!  He had the uncanny ability to strive for holiness and integrity, yet not be self-righteous or condescending about it.  When he made mistakes, he didn't try to make excuses, and was quick to admit them.  This guy was really free!


I've met Jamel Kimbrough (Todd's producer) on a few brief occasions in person, but mostly followed the man's Instagram page, which is awesome!  By observing his journey as a music professional, and his consistency with helping artists develop through amazing recording projects, I saw that he too was a rare form music producer! He's a real family man, with high standards of Integrity in his life overall. He has inspired me by showing that it is indeed possible to be a successful music producer and still walk in integrity.


This is why I want Todd and Jamel to win their first Grammy this year. I believe people who have this kind of lifestyle, and truly strive to please God with their art, need to be the decision-makers in this industry.  Todd's latest album, "A Worshipper's Heart", has been nominated for the Grammy for Best Gospel Album.  Pray with me that they win, because I believe they will steward their expanded influence the right way!




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