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March 31, 2017

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October 4, 2019

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I hate to start the year off talking like this but…

January 5, 2017

I’m a little mad and some of you independent artists.  Some of you, not all of you.  Why?


You won’t SHIP.  You won’t display your music.  You just won’t put it out.


Why does that make me mad?


Because you’re LOADED with musical genius.  Your potential is endless when it comes to your gift.  And you’re not sharing it with us.


Maybe you don’t see it like that.  Maybe you just feel scared.  Maybe you have “legitimate” reasons it’s not a good time to finally record.  Maybe you think your record isn’t good enough.



Remember the Parable of the Talents (Matthew 25:14-30)?  Jesus pretty much scolded folks who won’t use what God gives them.  He went in on y’all harder than I am!


Let’s review the common excuses…

1. “I don’t have the money to put out a project.”
Well, it’s free to post a YouTube cover video… and you DID have the money for that vacation earlier this year…. hmmmm


2. “I’m busy with this other thing right now.”
Sure.  Like that other thing is really that important!  Don’t confuse a busy activity or ambitious alternative career for a legitimate pause in your musical career.  Some people will find another huge project to do only as an excuse for not doing what they know God wants them to do with their music.  Cut the crap and get in the studio!


3. “People might not like it.”
You’re finally right about something…. there will absolutely be people who do not like your music.  No doubt, no matter how good it is, some folks just don’t have the taste for your music.  Just accept it and concentrate on the people who DO have a taste for your music.


All other excuses are variations of the three above.  


There are 2 main reasons you should absolutely put out a project THIS YEAR:


1. You are accountable to God for how you steward your gift.  He gave you a deposit of a musical gift, and expects to get some increase from it.  


2. By burying your talent, you are being irresponsible and cheating me and everyone else out of the blessing of being encouraged by your gift.


Even if it’s a single or a quick video…. do something!  Contact me or another producer you know and make plans to SHIP your message & gift to the world in 2017!



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